Depth on top of depth. That was the best way to describe the first installation of EA’s Battlefront series reboot. So how much room does Battlefront II really have to improve? Luckily, it’s figured a way out with a one-of-a-kind progression system. And I’m sure by now you’ve seen all the positive coverage Battlefront II has received in the media. In some aspects it deserves it, but there are a few shortcomings. Let me break it down…


Single Player

You likely remember just how special Battlefront I’s campaign was. I can’t count how many sleepless nights I’ve had deliberating over that final mission.

Who can forget that tear-jerking final cut scene from Battlefront I’s campaign!?

Unfortunately, Battlefront II has taken a step back. Gone is the depth and emotion felt from the first installment’s campaign. No more countless waves of enemies we all grew to love in the first game. The first few missions are some of the worst I’ve played in a game, but it does slowly get better. I won’t give away any spoilers, but I’ll say this: the story is unpredictable with an ending that is very satisfying. Enough about the single player campaign, let’s get on to the good stuff.


Let’s talk multiplayer. And I’ll get right to the point. The multiplayer progression system has been completely revamped to become something that provided me with a sense of pride and accomplishment. And boy did I feel accomplished! Battlefront II’s player progression is based mainly off of loot boxes. We’ve seen these before, but this game takes them to the next level. Finally a game makes them the main mechanic for progressing! After trading in my car for some quick cash, I was easily able to unlock close to half of everything in the game. It’s tough to beat that rush of adrenaline when you’re waiting to see what emote you got. So worth the money (I’ve even lost a few pounds since having to walk 10 miles to work every day)!

Update: EA recently announced they are turning off micro-transactions temporarily. Why would they ruin the best part of the game?

Just like I remembered Star Wars!

The game also does something else we’ve all been waiting for: getting rid of those clunky reward mechanics that give you more incentive to play better in matches. With a reward structure Karl Marx would be proud of, there’s no better feeling of teamwork than going 40 and 2 and getting the same amount of credits than a guy who went 4 and 10 on your team. What a refreshing system!

Heck yeah, I got a victory pose!

So what about matchmaking? Almost perfect. You always get an even rotation of maps. And how’s playing with friends in squads? Astounding. The communication system is great and good teamwork provides a huge advantage. Given EA’s already great track record on squad mechanics at launch, it’s impressive how much they improve upon it here.

Minor side note: Yeah space battles are included in the base game, but does anyone really care?

Let’s get to what you’ve all really been wondering about. Diorama mode! Sadly, the developers decided to take out what may have the best mode in the first Battlefront. No more endless hours of staring at those awesome figurines. And what actual motivation do I have now to complete challenges?

Have there been any better in-game rewards than a digital figurine?


Yes, I know graphics aren’t the most important thing for a game. However, Battlefront II’s graphics are some of the worst out there by today’s standards. I mean come on, what’s up with this photogrammetry technique they used to recreate objects and landscapes? More like photocrappery. Just look at the screenshot below. Are those trees or broccoli?

This is supposed to be next-gen graphics?

Final Verdict

We all know that saying, “Everything EA touches turns to gold“. In most ways, this couldn’t be more true for the latest edition of the franchise. If you ignore the glaring faults of graphics and no diorama mode, this is a top tier game. So what’s my score?

  • Superb progression system
  • Sweet emotes
  • Satisfying campaign finale
  • Terrible graphics
  • No diorama mode

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